¿Cuánto Cuesta una Ortodoncia Invisible?
How Much Does Invisible Orthodontics Cost?
11 June 2024
Guía Completa de Invisalign
Complete Guide to Invisalign
11 June 2024
¿Cuánto Cuesta una Ortodoncia Invisible?
How Much Does Invisible Orthodontics Cost?
11 June 2024
Guía Completa de Invisalign
Complete Guide to Invisalign
11 June 2024
Experiencias de Pacientes con Invisalign

Invisalign Patient Experiences

Invisible orthodontics, especially Invisalign, has gained popularity for its aesthetic and comfort advantages. At Clínica Dental Cots, we have had the pleasure of helping many patients transform their smiles using Invisalign. Below, we share some of their experiences and testimonials so you can better understand how this treatment has changed their lives.

Patient Testimonials

1. Maria G. - Teacher from Valencia

  • Motivation: Maria was looking for a discreet solution to align her teeth, as as a teacher she wanted to maintain a professional appearance in the classroom.

  • Experience: "From the first consultation, I knew Invisalign was the right choice for me. My aligners were virtually invisible, and no one noticed I was wearing them. Plus, I could take them out to eat and brush my teeth, which made my daily routine much easier. In less than a year, my smile was completely transformed. I am very grateful to the team at Clinica Dental Cots for their professionalism and care".

Javier M. - Entrepreneur

  • Motivation: Javier wanted to correct his bite and align his teeth to improve his smile without disrupting his active lifestyle.

  • Experience: "My job requires a lot of meetings and presentations, so I needed a solution that wouldn't affect my appearance. Invisalign was perfect. The aligners were comfortable and easy to wear. I was able to go about my daily activities without any problems. The treatment was quicker than I expected, and I now feel much more confident in my smile. Thank you Cots Dental Clinic for your excellent service!"

3. Laura P. - University Student

  • Motivation: Laura wanted to straighten her teeth before graduating, but did not want to wear visible braces during her university years.

  • Experience: "Invisalign was an incredible choice. Being able to remove my aligners for meals and special events was a huge relief. At first, I had a little discomfort with each new aligner, but it resolved within a few days. My friends and family noticed the change, and I am very happy with the results. The care at Cots Dental was excellent and they were always available to answer my questions!"

4. Pedro R. - Athlete

  • Motivation: Pedro, as an athlete, needed an option that would not interfere with his training and competitions.

  • Experience: "I was afraid that orthodontics would interfere with my training and competitions, but Invisalign was a great solution. The aligners were comfortable and didn't affect my performance. I was able to maintain my oral hygiene easily and the results were amazing. I would recommend Clinica Dental Cots to anyone looking for an effective and discreet solution."

Benefits Highlighted by Patients

  1. Discretion and Aesthetics

    • Most patients highlight the advantage of the aligners being virtually invisible, allowing them to go about their daily lives without embarrassment or discomfort.

  2. Convenience and Ease of Use

    • The ability to remove the aligners to eat and brush your teeth is one of the most appreciated benefits. This makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene and allows you to enjoy any type of food without restrictions.

  3. Treatment Effectiveness

    • Many patients notice significant improvements within a few months and are satisfied with the final results. 3D planning technology allows a simulation of the final result to be seen before treatment begins, increasing confidence in the process.

  4. Personalised Attention

    • Patients at Clínica Dental Cots value the personalised attention and continuous follow-up throughout the treatment. The availability of the team to resolve doubts and adjust the treatment as necessary is a very positive aspect.


Patient experiences with Invisalign at Clínica Dental Cots have been very positive. The combination of aesthetics, comfort and effectiveness makes Invisalign a preferred option for many. If you are considering invisible braces, we invite you to a consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way to a healthier, more aligned smile.