prótesis dental 3d en Valencia

In just one session and in the same consultation

CEREC is a computerised procedure that produces all-ceramic fillings, crowns and veneers.

The reasons that convince our patients of CEREC restorations:

They allow metal-free treatment and preserve tooth substance.

The restoration carries the colour of the patient's own teeth.

Everything is done in a single session.

CEREC has been specially developed to produce all-ceramic restorations in the same treatment centre - and to fix them in place in the same session.


Experts in 3D Cad Cam prosthetics, amalgam replacement, removal of dental metals, Porcelain and Zirconia, With CEREC software we can design and customize fillings, crowns and veneers with a perfect fit and the highest quality metal-free porcelain materials.

Made by a team of expert dentists in Valencia, Spain.