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In our clinic we only use implants that we can trust, that have proven over time their safety, reliability, and scientific studies supporting their quality.
In short:

  • More than 35 years of demonstrable clinical data with more than 700 scientific publications.
  • More than 14 million implants placed worldwide
  • Precision and quality “Made in Switzerland”
  • A trusted brand present in more than 70 countries. Even if you live in another country, you will always have a professional nearby who can take care of the maintenance of your dental implants.

We use Mozo Grau Ticare and Straumann implants for their unbeatable results in surgeries with special bone needs.

Our implants are guaranteed Ticare

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Our dental implant techniques

Implant-supported single tooth treatment

Dental implants are the most suitable solution to replace a lost tooth and the best alternative to fixed bridges, as we avoid lowering the enamel of adjacent teeth and allow natural hygiene. Made by a team of expert dentists in Valencia, Spain.

Bridge treatment of 3 implant-supported units.

Dental implants, as they act as powerful anchors, allow the fabrication of implant-supported bridges when 3 or more teeth are missing. Made by a team of expert dentists in Valencia, Spain.

Removable prosthesis with retentive anchors

Complete dentures anchored with implants avoid all the inconveniences of this type of prosthesis, such as mobility, rubbing and the use of expensive and uncomfortable adhesives. Made by a team of expert dentists in Valencia, Spain.

Fixed full denture with 4-6 implants

Complete dentures screwed onto implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, avoiding the use of removable prostheses and their associated problems such as mobility, chafing or the use of adhesives, made by a team of expert dentists in Valencia, Spain.

Mozo Grau Implants

The best solution for most cases are undoubtedly dental implants, Technology Summary and Mozo Grau Ticare cases.

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